Saturday, 23 July 2011

Leopard Print Nails Diy

Now i wear clear false nails as mine are actually terrible, so i paint over so i look like my own :)

You will need:
A base coat, whichever colour you like on bottom
Liquid eyeliner or a a nail varnish with a brush the same size
Clear varnish for a top coat

Or if you want just the tips doing them no bace coat or a nude coloured one :)
here's when i just did the tips:

You need to apply your base coat, I've gone for gold, do a couple of coats to make sure it has good coverage.

Then apply the black spots, id reccomend random triangular or cirlce shapes or just tree lines alomost connecting, doesnt have to be neet leopard spots are random anyway :)
Make sure everythings dry then apply your top coat done !

Good Luck <3