Saturday, 29 December 2012

Nail Art Catch Up #1

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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ciate mini's multicoloured nails x

So as I've shown in a previous post I got the greatest advent calendar ever ! It's by Ciate & it's a mini nail polish every day instead of chocolate & also includes 3 brand new special edition polishes exclusive to the calendar.
I couldn't decide which colour to you'd today, so I used 5 :) including
Mistress 039
Headliner 066
Cutie pie 026
Speed Dial 023
Big Yellow Taxi 074

I covered them in my glitter polish from Nails Inc

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tartan Nail Art

I saw these on Wah Nails Instagram & tried it myself, I reckon I'm gonna have another go to be honest, I'm not to proud of these :/ I love the look & I WILL master this :)

Burgundy glitter with Egyptian accent

Finally decided to change my colour pallet to go with the season, I've now accepted its not summer anymore :(

I used :
Dangerous Affair 013 by Ciate
Nails Inc Glitter polish ( free with last months Glamour Mag)
Gold Nail Art Pen from eBay

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Zig Zag Nails

Just posted these on Instagram @yocandy, I used a Nails Inc ( free with this months Glamour Mag) a gold glitter from eBay & Rimmel Black Cab, then a white nail art pen from eBay for the zig zag :)

Friday, 9 November 2012

Caviar Nails

So I bought some caviar nail glitter from eBay, their basically tiny little shiny balls you glue to your nails, I bought some gold ones to test out & loved them so went & bought them in every different colour. They give your nails a much edgier 3d look, they do get caught on things easily( like your hair) but worth it because there beaut !
I did this design really quick to test them out I used Accessorize polish for the base & covered it with a Nails Inc glitter polish I got free in this weeks Glamour Mag.
I then painted a thin line if nail glue over the nail & popped the balls on with an old dried out nail polish brush.
For the heart I just drew a black heart with a nail art pen I bought from eBay for £2.50 & outlined it with more balls.
As usual covered it with clear Polish, so far about 2 have fallen off, but to be honest I thought they all would so I'm pretty pleased :)

I had another go with a darker look, basically a mixture of leopard print & black, I have a tutorial for leopard print on my blog if you want to try them :)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Ciate Mini Mani Advent Calendar

Just bought this & I'm so excited for December, anyone who loves nail polish needs to get one if these behind each door is surprise nail polish . Gorgeously packaged with 17 of Ciaté's bestselling mini Paint Pots, four mini Caviar blends, and three exclusive Paint Pot glitter shades you’ll not find anywhere else. I got this online at Selfridges for £38 + £5 p&p, well worth it in my eyes as the whole box costs the same amount as just 4 normal size pots. So watch out for lots of posts about this in December :)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Splatter Nails

With these I basically got bored & took it out on my nails, I painted them white & literally splatter loads of different colours on top. I used 4 colours on top, got it all over my hands but love the end result, you can make it neater & easier if you put tape around the nail before hand, I just couldn't be bothered :) I didn't try any specific method with this just sort of flicked the brush above my nail & thought it looked pretty good :)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ombré/gradient Nail Art

Just a quick run through on how to do gradient or ombré nails.

1. Paint your nails with your first colour, I'm using a turquoise polish I got In a pack from primark.

2. Starting with the tip paint a line of your second colour along the top, try to make it as in even as possible, straight lines with ruin this look, I use a turquoise glitter polish from Beauty Uk.

3. Then with your second colour paint over the tip again, but starting lower than before, repeat again, going lower again try not to go lower than 3/4 of the way down the nail.

4. Finish with a clear polish :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Dogtooth Nail Art

When I first saw this I thought it was impossible as every picture I saw was a nail transfer or stamp, I thought I'd give it a go anyway & it turns out it was quite easy, takes quite a while to do, took me about half an hour all together but well worth it in the end. I only used 3 nail polishes to do this, a white base, black nail art pen & a clear coat I use La Femme polish & a nail art pen from ebay( pics below).

1. So give yourself a couple of coats of the white polish.

2. With the black pen firstly draw a small black square.

3. In the top right & bottom left corners of the square draw a slanted line pointing to the bottom right corner.

4. In the top left corner draw 2 tiny slanted lines, like a slanted V shape coming out of the corner.

5. Repeat the patter over the whole nail & repeat on every nail, finish with a clear coat :)

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Daisy Print Nails

A really pretty look & you only need 3 colours. I'm using RImmel Lasting Finish in Black Cab, then a gold & a white nail art pen.

1.Paint all your nails in your base colour, mines black. I use false nails most if the time so I don't use a clear base colour( nail protector/hardener ect ) so I just go straight in with the colour If this is going to be done on natural nails I would recommend a clear coat underneath so it doesn't stain the nail.

2.Make a few small dots on each nail, I find 4 is the perfect amount. I'm using a gold nail art pen from eBay.

3.With the final colour draw small semi circles around one of the dots, try & do four to make the flower look complete, then repeat around every dot on every nail.

4.Always finish with a clear coat using La Femme its £1.70 & it's my favourite :) & that's as simple as that Daisy Nails

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Studded Nails

I love this look & it's so quick & easy to do, so today I did my sisters nail's, she bites them like crazy so I've put some clear false nails on her, there around £1/2 from eBay. So to start I filed her nails & glued the false ones on with nail glue, then cut & filed them to look natural.

1.So firstly I painted all her nails purple with a nail polish bought in a pack from primark, leaving the ring finger bare. I then painted the ring fingers with 17 Fast finish in Tigers Eye.

2. I then did a thin line of glue down the center of each nail, using a pack of sequins bought from eBay for £3 I placed gold sequins down the nail, I used a dried out nail polish brush to put them on. I did a double line of sequins on the accent finger.

3. As usual when all is dry, give a couple if coats of clear polish, I use La Femme its £1.70 from eBay & a really shiny long lasting polish. Simple as that :)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Girly Pink Stripes, Sequins & Bow Nails

This is a really girly look to go for im using some clear full false nails to show the design on, you can get these from ebay really cheap, when using false nails, make sure your nails are free of polish & oil so wash them before & file the whole nail gently.

1. So to start with im using 17 nail polish in Fairy cake, its about £2 from Boots, so paint all your nails with two coats of this first.

2. Then start on the stripes, im using a nail art pen by Ouli from ebay for £3, so on the middle & pinky finger simply draw stripes vertically down the nails.
3. For the bow, its really simple, with the nail pen on your thumb nail draw a cross, then starting in the center of the cross draw to line slanting down from the cross, then two slanted oval's pointing up from the center of the cross.

4. On the ring finger apply glue/nail polish whichever you have to the bottom corner of the nail & place small sequins on the top, i use an old dried out nail varnish brush to apply them.
5. Then on the last finger apply a line of glue/nail polish straight down the center of the nail & apply sequins over the top. As usual finish with clear nail polish & wallah :)

Candy Stripe/Earthquake Nails

I recently saw this look on Instagram on Wah Nails page (there amazing !) its really simple to do i always use false nails because my natural nails are rubbish & break all time :( so im using some clear full false nails i bought from ebay, i bought 600 for around £5 - bargain ! If your using these or any other false nails i'd reccomend filing your whole nail first ( i use nail files from primark £1 for a pack of three & washing them to make sure theres no excces oils on the nails, i sue a brush on glue by elegent touch, i get this from Asda for £3 its really strong & lasts for ages & doesnt damage the nail when you take them off. But this looks easy to do on your own nails too it doesnt need to be to precise. Theres links to all the stuff i use at the bottom of the page.
1. Firstly paint your nails with one colour for this ive used a bright pink nail varnish i got in a pack of four from primark for £2.

2. Then paint over half of the nail with your second colour ive used a glitter polish i got off Ebay you can buy these individually or in packs & they double as nail art pens there only around £1-£2 on there own, the line doesnt have to be neat, you'll go over in in the next step.

3.When everythings dry pick your final colour ive used a nail art pen by Ouli from ebay for £3 - these are amazing. Go over the center on the nail in a zig zag pattern, making sure your cover the line where the two colours meet, doesnt have to be reaaly neat - its meant to look like an earthquake :)

Link To Buy
4. Always finish with a clear coat - will make the nails look healthier, shinier & also stop them from chipping so much i use La Femme i get this off ebay for £1.70 & it lasts for ages !

 Link To Buy

Link To Buy
Heres some other colours ive done...

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