Monday, 11 February 2013

My New Favourite Lipstick !

I love lipstick so much I think it can completely change your face & give so much more impact to your make up, I usually stick to really girly shades like coral or a bright pink & very occasionally a bright red lip. In this months Glossybox however I received a Hellen E lipstick & as soon as I saw the colour I thought I'll never use that ! I gave it a go though & fell in love instantly the shade is called Raspberry & it retails for £8 from, I haven't heard much about this brand I only have a couple of items from previous Glossyboxes but so far love them all.
It's more of a burgundy plum shade rather than raspberry & has a slight hint of brown in as well, it's really moisturising & quite pigmented so you only need a small amount, it won't last ages although it is called "long lasting" but I find most lipsticks aren't. Overall though I think this colour suits me a lot & I'm always looking to change my make up look & this has helped hugely :)
Has anyone else used this brand before ? Let me know if you recommend anything else :) xx

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Nail Art Catch Up #2

Like I wrote about in my last post I recently started selling some of my nail designs on eBay & it's gone amazing so far ! I just thought it put them up & see how it goes & I've sold 12 sets of nails so far so I'm soooo happy about that & it feels great that people out there actually like something I've made myself so if anyone who has bought some reads this, thank you !

So,I just thought I'd show you my latest nail designs & a quick picture of my friend Drew who's nails I did at the weekend too & see what you all think :)

Also if you want to check my nails out on eBay my username is yocandynailss & ill do any requests too