Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Nail Art Catch Up #3

Some pictures of my recent designs, since selling my designs on eBay I've had no time at all to do my own as they always end up getting covered in different polish :/ but here's the ones I've managed to do, also did my sisters nails this week, she's a serial biter &has nothing to work with so I'm trying to get her to grow them so I have more to nails to play with if anyone has any tips to growing nails please let me know :)

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Water Marble Nails

I've seen this a couple of times on Instagram now & wondered how the hell they did it, so I searched it on google & it came up with like a million tutorials & it's surprisingly easy, although very messy !
I won't do a tutorial on here because there is some amazing ones on YouTube if you type in water marble nail art, but you basically need a cup of water - room temperature, a couple of nail polishes, the higher pigment the better, some tape & some sort of stick (I just used a cocktail umbrella stick ). Then you dip your first colour of polish into the water & it should spread out then repeat with your second colour & again with the first about ten times, with your stick bring the outside of the polish into the centre & try to be as quick as you can as it drys really quick on the water, now dip your finger in tip first (remember to tape around the edges of the nail ) pull any polish left on the water away with your stick then remove your finger :) it does take a while as you have to repeat this for every finger but the amount of compliments I've had on these make it well worth it ! Does anyone know of another ways of doing the marble look ? Or any one else have any pictures of your own ? I'd love to see :)