Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Blue, White & Gold Nail Art

So I dug out my striping tape & thought I'd give it a go again, everyone into nail art needs to buy this stuff, it's literally pennies from EBay ! 

So I painted 3 fingers white & 2 blue, then using my striping tape I applied it to the white nails in a square pattern. Now my initial plan was to paint over in gold then peel away the tape & have the white pattern underneath, however when I applied it to each nail I much preferred the gold stripes so neatly cut away the excess & finished with a top coat. I then popped some gold studs on the he nails with a bit of Nailene glue.
Went over everything with Seche Vite & here's the finished look
Hope you like :) Let me know what you do with the striping tape ...

Monday, 10 March 2014

Nude matte Nails

A quick post with my current nails
Simple yet effective, matte nude/ dusty pink. Using China Glaze Magic Matte top coat.
I would definatly recommend this polish & it quickly & easily transforms any polish matte ! 
I bought a mini bottle for around £5 including p&p off eBay :)
Which matte top coat do you recommend ?