Friday, 10 May 2013

My Hair History !

This post could be so long it's unbelievable, I've literally had pretty much very colour & style there is, some I'm not very proud of looking back haha. I wanted to do this post mostly as something to look back on when I'm thinking of doing something drastic & realising it may not be a good idea.

I was born with super curly blonde hair which straightened at the age of about 7, I manage to hide away from cameras through my teenage "chavy" stage (thank god) but I've found one with my trademark slick down look :/ I then found dye, I've died my hair bleach blonde, black, brown, ginger & purple to name a few.

At the moment im trying to grow out all the dye & see what's been hiding for so long, so I've got an unintentional dip dye look going on, but at the moment I love it ! & my hair does too its never been so healthy, anyway here's some pictures most of which embarrassing but hey, we've all been there right ?