Saturday, 22 September 2012

Candy Stripe/Earthquake Nails

I recently saw this look on Instagram on Wah Nails page (there amazing !) its really simple to do i always use false nails because my natural nails are rubbish & break all time :( so im using some clear full false nails i bought from ebay, i bought 600 for around £5 - bargain ! If your using these or any other false nails i'd reccomend filing your whole nail first ( i use nail files from primark £1 for a pack of three & washing them to make sure theres no excces oils on the nails, i sue a brush on glue by elegent touch, i get this from Asda for £3 its really strong & lasts for ages & doesnt damage the nail when you take them off. But this looks easy to do on your own nails too it doesnt need to be to precise. Theres links to all the stuff i use at the bottom of the page.
1. Firstly paint your nails with one colour for this ive used a bright pink nail varnish i got in a pack of four from primark for £2.

2. Then paint over half of the nail with your second colour ive used a glitter polish i got off Ebay you can buy these individually or in packs & they double as nail art pens there only around £1-£2 on there own, the line doesnt have to be neat, you'll go over in in the next step.

3.When everythings dry pick your final colour ive used a nail art pen by Ouli from ebay for £3 - these are amazing. Go over the center on the nail in a zig zag pattern, making sure your cover the line where the two colours meet, doesnt have to be reaaly neat - its meant to look like an earthquake :)

Link To Buy
4. Always finish with a clear coat - will make the nails look healthier, shinier & also stop them from chipping so much i use La Femme i get this off ebay for £1.70 & it lasts for ages !

 Link To Buy

Link To Buy
Heres some other colours ive done...

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