Sunday, 30 September 2012

Daisy Print Nails

A really pretty look & you only need 3 colours. I'm using RImmel Lasting Finish in Black Cab, then a gold & a white nail art pen.

1.Paint all your nails in your base colour, mines black. I use false nails most if the time so I don't use a clear base colour( nail protector/hardener ect ) so I just go straight in with the colour If this is going to be done on natural nails I would recommend a clear coat underneath so it doesn't stain the nail.

2.Make a few small dots on each nail, I find 4 is the perfect amount. I'm using a gold nail art pen from eBay.

3.With the final colour draw small semi circles around one of the dots, try & do four to make the flower look complete, then repeat around every dot on every nail.

4.Always finish with a clear coat using La Femme its £1.70 & it's my favourite :) & that's as simple as that Daisy Nails