Saturday, 22 September 2012

Girly Pink Stripes, Sequins & Bow Nails

This is a really girly look to go for im using some clear full false nails to show the design on, you can get these from ebay really cheap, when using false nails, make sure your nails are free of polish & oil so wash them before & file the whole nail gently.

1. So to start with im using 17 nail polish in Fairy cake, its about £2 from Boots, so paint all your nails with two coats of this first.

2. Then start on the stripes, im using a nail art pen by Ouli from ebay for £3, so on the middle & pinky finger simply draw stripes vertically down the nails.
3. For the bow, its really simple, with the nail pen on your thumb nail draw a cross, then starting in the center of the cross draw to line slanting down from the cross, then two slanted oval's pointing up from the center of the cross.

4. On the ring finger apply glue/nail polish whichever you have to the bottom corner of the nail & place small sequins on the top, i use an old dried out nail varnish brush to apply them.
5. Then on the last finger apply a line of glue/nail polish straight down the center of the nail & apply sequins over the top. As usual finish with clear nail polish & wallah :)